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Brief Space + Environment

Animation & Interactive Media RMIT 

Concept Development 

PROJECT BRIEF:  Space + Environment

Games, Digital Media, Straight Ahead, Structure, Field, Spatial Use, Methods, Screen, Landscaping



Now on, the actual space is not only the physical one, we expanded our boundaries into a digital space that didn’t exist before. So, with time those spaces have become more and more realistic making feel you actually inside there.

You might respond with a videogame or an interactive space as believable as possible. That means that you can spend more than a few minutes there and not get bored. 

You have to be able to built a space complex enough to feel ourselves in an actual room.


You are to produce a 3D space where you can walk trough there and have an interaction with the environment that was created digitally for the user. 

This response needs to have more than one space with different ambient but they should have some relationship between them. 

The audience will interact with this response and should get something from it; the reward is up to you.   

You can use random codes to make an unexpected place where everything is always in a different place, or you can make a nice room where you have to do something specific to get to another.

Also, you can make a space that is so attractive that no one wants to get outside there, like an interactive online store, or a dating portal.

Be aware that depending that audience that you are choosen the contents and the images will be different.

Also think about the media, is it going to be an Iphone ap? Or is it going to be for high speed downloading machines?

You can work together but remember that each one of you have to do at least two spaces, the rest is your decision.

Don’t freak out with this assignment, remember that what is important is the concept, not if it looks beautiful.


The chosen media is up to you.

Linear submissions (trailer of the space) need to be quicktime movies at 25 fps, 1280x720, audio at 44.100 kHz.

Interactive submissions will have varying formats/technologies, but if possible use a 1280x720 screen size.

Submissions need to be submitted to the AIM server, clearly named and titled. Each project submission requires a completed RMIT submission form.

Submission Date: 27th April  2011

My work wont be seen at public pages

When I saw my classmates blogs I realized that they had mostly everything about them. When I started this course I was so excited that the first thing that I did was posting my Cut out animation, and all my friends and family loved it. Except for one person, my best friend. He told me that it was irresponsible to out any of my work on those public spaces because as soon as you put them, it stars to be theirs too, they can use your work without your permission or money. And it turns out that it was true, I red all the terms and conditions and all the pages had the same thing. I know that my works are not in the Oscar’s level right now ahahahaha but I want to have control of my contents. So only until I have the money to pay for my own page, I will have my creations in a CD to be shown selectively to my future employers. 

Everybody is so into this Simon´s Cat That I was practically obligated to write about it. Ha, this is not our Simon is another one, just to clarify. I think that what makes it a success is the character, it bounds with the audience with simple “cute” stories. The illustrations are well drawn and the director´s desition to leave them without colour gives it a recognizable signature. It is always about the character, it always has to be engaging and memorable to the audience all of that is summarized in knowing what he/she/it wants and how is he/she/it gonna gets it. 

A friend of mine sent me this video with the purpose of spread some ecological message trough a simple animation. I like it, maybe too long, but it has good intentions. The line graphic style is being used a lot in educational animations lately, it looks clean, you don’t have to color it and in portable devices is lighter because the files will be smaller. This is a trend that i might use in a future, also because is quick and engaging and employers will love it because it will save them cost also. At the uni I was tempted to use that kind of style but at the end I thought that the audience could think that I was run of time and i couldnt be able to finished, so, I dropped the idea. 

Here is a quick, and easy tutorial about how to make 3D textures in photoshop, its worth the try!!! Well, I tried it and I couldn’t because i need lots and lots of practice in 3D in general. When I applied for this course I thought that i might be able to make a Pixar animation in the first 3 months! bout of course I could’t and I’m struggling with 3D but someday I will be in the position of making 3D things work. 

There is one online aplicaton called Photosmasher – it makes cheesy animations but youll never know when are you going to need it. ;) and you can make them talk, hahahahaha. It is handy when we are trying to get an specifical kind of look in the animations, like the annoying orange, I always like to know what is new, and what technology is making for us, because with an application like this why to bother to do it by hand. 

This is what my friends in Colombia are doing, I think that they are going through the right path and I hope this guys the best because if they are making quality products the industry will take off in my hometown rapidly. It is really important for me to know what is happening with the industry in my country, because I am planning to go back when I finish my course. So is is good for me to know that there is going to be jobs available and also that there is a growing industry that didn’t exist 5 years ago. Of course, they, or we, have a long way to go, but at least they are going somewhere. 

As animators we have to think about space and this might no be animated, but this guy made from a tiny space a 24 room one, so, for us in terms of animation will be handy because we don’t want to spend endless hours drawing thousands of backgrounds we have to thinks like him, take advantage of what we have!!! We need to recycle all the props that we have on our backgrounds, rearrange them and make them look like if there were infinite backgrounds, now i realized that the secret in animation for that is to having everything separated, no flat backgrounds, layers and layers of the image. 

The artist artist Jeffrey Scott Campbell made a “little twist” in some famous Disney characters, he made them look sexy, so now they are not just for kids, this women are adults only. I like that twist because those original stories weren’t made for children, Disney made them for kids. AS not only animators but storytellers this is a great inspiration to follow, we have to brake all the boundaries so the audience will be surprised and with high expectation of what we are going to make after that. For my minor project I am trying to make something similar, I am trying to make a devil that people will fall in love with. Braking the bad devil stereotype and make the antihero kind of character.